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Himaland Adventure Treks organizes expeditions on all major Himalayan mountains in Nepal including the Mt. Everest and other 8000 m. + peaks. If you are seriously interested, we help you make your dream come true. Send us an enquiry for further details.

Light  Mountaineering:

As many mountain lovers who are fascinated with the white Himalayan peaks and want to be on a top of one of them or many ? Join our team and be there.

Himaland has been organizing numerous light mountaineering trips for the last 15 years. See the details on some of popular small mountains below.

Naya Kanga (Ganja-la Chuli) climbing

Naya Kanga (Ganja-la Chuli) climbing [16 days]

Naya Kanga (Ganja-la Chuli) - Naya Kanga is an attractive peak rising to the west of the Ganja La (5,122m) in Langtang region. Ascending to Ganja La or the summit of Naya Kanga offers the spectacular panoramic views of mountains in Nepal .

Chulu East climbing

Chulu East climbing [24 days]

Chulu East on Annapurna circuit route is not a peak where there are all sorts of climbers trying but, it is for the mountaineers who are serious.

Mera Peak (Khongma – tse) climbing

Mera Peak (Khongma – tse) climbing [16 days]

Mera peak Trek offers you the opportunity to venture deep into a less visited and unspoiled region of Nepal where the hill sides are still densely forested.

Imjatse (Island Peak)

Imjatse (Island Peak) [18 days]

Very popular peak not only because it is in the neighborhood of Mt. Everest but, this is the mountain for all who want a bit of Himalayan adventure.

Dhampus Peak

Dhampus Peak [15 days]

Dhampus Peak - Dhampus Peak lies northeast of the big Dhaulagiri massif. It is in terms of climbing technicalities an easy mountain to ascent.It is the one of the 75th highest mountains in Nepal.It is 19,724 ft/6012 m mountain near Bag lung.