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White Water Rafting in Nepal

Most rivers in Nepal origin in high Himalayan glaciers including Mt.Everest, flow down from these breathtaking heights, rushing down through the foothills, then plains of southern Terai on their way to the Great Plains of the Ganges. The white water is fed by melting snow and monsoon rains.

 Major rivers for white water rafting and kayaking in Nepal are:

-  Trishuli River (rafting for 1 to 3 days), Rapid Class  up to 4 +  

-  Seti River (rafting trip 2 days),Rapid Class  up to 4

-  Bhote Koshi River (rafting 1 to 2 days),Rapid Class  up to 5

-  Kali Gandaki River (rafting 3 days),Rapid Class  up to 4 +

-  Marsyangdi River (rafting 2 days),Rapid Class  up to 5

-  Sun Koshi River (rafting 7 to 9 days),Rapid Class  up to 5

-  Arun River (rafting adventure 9 days), Rapid Class  up to 4

-  Karnali River (whitewater rafting 10 days), Rapid Class  up to 5

-  Tamur River (rafting adventure 11 days), Rapid Class  up to 5


-  Rapid class varies in different seasons. During the monsoon it is the highest due to high current and               volume of water. 

-  Good seasons for rivers trips are Spring; February through May and Autumn; October through December. The monsoon is not practical/safe in most rivers.


 Nepal  Rivers for White Water Rafting:

Trishuli River,  Rapid Class up to + 4  

Trishuli (106km) is Nepal's most popular rafting river easily accessible from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Royal Chitwan National Park by far a trip on this river can be made for a varied duration, depending upon the availability of time and interest. The legend says that high in the Himalayas at Gosainkunda the god Shiva drove his trident into the ground to create three springs which become the source of the river and hence its name Trishuli. Scenic valleys and impressive gorges, exhilarating rapids and easier sections as well make it a perfect trip for both first-timers or experienced rafters. Trisuli River is an excellent river for those looking for a short river trip, without the challenge of huge rapids, but with some really exciting rapids. During the monsoon months the intensity of the rapids increases and attracts a radically different set of rafters.

The Trisuli rafting ranges from 1 to 3 days, 15 - 60 km. Most people do the classic 2 day trip. The return journey to Kathmandu is 5 hours, to Pokhara is approximately 4 hours and to Chitwan is approximately 1 hour


 Bhotekoshi River;  Rapid Class up to + 5

 Bhote Koshi river, is glacier water from the 10th highest Mountain Shisa Pangma in Tibet (Bhot) carves a steep and direct drop across the Himalaya and gradually eases to more placid streams and calmer pools within a 21 km run at the Lamosangu dam. The rapids are continuous, challenging and action-packed, the river offers you nothing less than the ride of a lifetime, a very challenging river for rafting and kayaking. This river is main branch of Sun Koshi river is easily accessed from Kathmandu, about 80 Km. Bhote Koshi white water rafting is full of exciting gorges between the mountain valleys. These gorges are dramatically adventurous and rapids are challenging with big bounces. One of the shortest but wildest rivers on offer in Nepal.

  Seti River ,  Rapid Class up to  4

 Seti River (35km) rafting is a fairly short trip from Pokhara offers beautiful mountain views and also unique river passing through two beautiful and contrasting scenic areas of Manaslu and Annapurna regions. This River has relatively small volume but blue and warm water and we recommend this as an ideal short trip for first time rafters or as "Warm-up" for intermediate kayakers.

The gentle river follows from the Himalayan peaks having plenty lots of small and straightforward rapids. During the monsoon the intensity of the rapids increases and attracts and is suitable for serious rafters. Seti river can offer an ideal trip for those wanting to experience their first time river trip with the stunning river scenery in Nepal and without the intensity of complex or challenging rapids. It is also very well recommended to family trips and best river to learn kayaking in Nepal.

 Kaligandaki River , Rapid Class up to + 4

Kaligandaki (Thank Khola ) 60km/30 miles from Pokhara is named after the Hindu goddess of destruction, Kali that rises in Mustang on the northern side of the Himalayan range.  As it tumbles down between the Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna ranges, it creates one of the world’s deepest river canyons. Once an ancient trading route to Tibet, it is now a popular trekking trail for the hidden Kingdom Mustang and Annapurna circuit, a world popular trekking route. Kaligandaki,  world's deepest river canyons combines great whitewater with some of the most beautiful scenery in Nepal, seldom-visited villages, truly quiet and introspective evenings, abundant wildlife, sandy beaches and outrageously beautiful waterfalls. Both experienced and novice rafters love this. Nowhere else is it possible to find such diversity just on a 3 day raft trip.

The most of the Kaligandaki Rafters starts their raft from Pokhara. We meet rafters at our point Beni. Driving from Pokhara to Beni or Kusma Nayapool will be approximately 2/2 and half hours. Who wish to drive direct from KTM to Beni will take approximately 10 hours and then we start our raft the same day.


 Marshyangdi River,  Rapid Class up to 5

Marshyangdi, a mountain river origins from Tilicho Lake  (4920m) shore behind of Annapurna Himalayan range and follows valleys along deep gorges. Approximate length is 150 km. Marshyangdi is a tributary of Trishuli.  Marsyangdi means ‘raging river’ in local dialect, and this aptly describes it.

It is one of the hardest whitewater rafting in Nepal therefore only few tourists have explore this river.

The trip starts with a touch bus from Dumre to Beshisahar. Trekking from Beshisahar up to the village of Nagdi (6 hours) can have great view of Manaslu and the Annapurna ahead of the whole time from Nagdi downstream to the end of the trip at Beshisahar.  Solid whitewater rapids are steep,  technical and consecutive, making the Marshyangdi a serious undertaking at any water level like the Bhotekoshi, for people looking for 4 days trip with lot of demanding whitewater and mountain scenery, the Marshyangdi is hard to beat.

 Sunkoshi River,  Rapid Class up to 5


 Sunkoshi is the longest river trip offered in Nepal, traversing 270 KMS through the beautiful Mahabharat Range on its meandering way from the put-in point at Dolalghat to the take-out point at Chatara, far down on the Gangetic Plain. Sunkosi is rated one of the top 10 river expeditions in world, a destination river for serious river adventurers coming to experience Nepal's thrilling white water.  This enchanting river expedition of 9 days will definitely be the highlight of your visit to Nepal, a life time memorable white water trip. Sunkoshi is an unpredictable river, it has its own moods, serene, calm and tranquil one moment, wile and turbulent the next, always changing, always challenging, the ultimate in the river adventure. So, Sun Koshi is famous in rafting circles, and with a good reason.

The rapids encountered at the beginning of Sunkoshi trip are fairly relaxed class 3, giving an excellent opportunity for great teamwork to really develop, while the lower sections reserve some of its biggest and best rapids for the last days.

 Karnali  River, Rapid Class up to 5

Karnali (180km), rising in the vicinity of Tibet's holy Mount Kailash, the Karnali carves the Himalayan landscape into a series of magnificent gorges and canyons as it descends slowly into the forests of western Nepal what is called the "Wild West" . It starts from the Kanziroba Himalayan glacier and some other small peaks as well as Rara Lake. Rapid encountered on this river is I – V class. Rising in the vicinity of Tibet's holy Mt. Kailash, the Karnali carves the Himalayan landscape into a series of magnificent gorges and canyons as it descends slowly into the forests of western Nepal. Seasonal snow melts and monsoon rain can cause the river level to swell drastically and create the extremes of white water rafting.

The trip begins with the long but interesting bus journey (19 hours) into the remote and almost untouched region of western Nepal and crossing through part of the Bardia National Park. Alternatley, you can also fly to Nepalganj. From the frontier town of Surkhet there is a lovely 2 days trek through lowland Sal forest to the village of Sauli. From Sauli it is 180Km to the next road access at Chisopani on the Northern border of the Royal Bardiya National Park. The river section takes about 7 days giving plenty of time to explore some of the side canyons and waterfalls which come into the river valley. Karnali river is one of the best river in Nepal for fishing.


Trip Highlights

Trip Type: Adventure
Grade: Class 1 to 5
Season: 1 - 10
Elevation: N.A
Group Size: 2 to 21 pax
Trip Departure Date: Day of your choice
Confirmed Group Member/s Min. 2pax
Price: Contact Us
Best Months: Spring and Autumn

  • Day 01: Raft equipments: raft boats, lifejackets, helmets, wetsuits on certain rivers, dry bags for gears,tents,and camera barrels.
  • Day 02: Expedition trips include professional guides, private ground transportation, porters and permits.
  • Day 03: All meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner (as per trip duration),  tea, coffee and snacks. 
*Note: For detailed itinerary description contact us.
Not included are bottled/alcoholic beverages, any kind of insurance, visa costs, and expenses of a personal nature.