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Boudha Grand Buddhist Ritual in Kathmandu

 Grand Buddhist consecration ritual (Rhapne) is going on for the last couple of days in Boudha, Buddhist holy site in Kathmandu known as Boudhanath in general. Buddhist call this huge stupa, Jyalung Khasyor.  Grand gurus and priest Lama communities of all Buddhist sects; Ngingmapa, Shakyapa, Kagugyapa,  Ghelugpa, Theravada of both Mahayani and Hinyani groups have been performing Puja. The PM of Nepal, Prachand is scheduled to inaugurate this UNESCO world heritage site on Tuesday amidst special ceremony. Boudha stupa is the first completed important heritage site after the last year’s devastating earthquake. Renovation work here took off at spontaneous initiative of local community, devotees and the Boudha Development Committee without waiting help from the governments and other international donors. This is an exemplary and successful renovation work done finely and completed well in time at peoples’ level. A silver line in the black cloud, a piece of promising signal for other renovation and reconstruction works that is long due in the earthquake affected parts of Nepal.  Also a good hope of rays for reviving Nepal’s tourism. Such a grand and elaborate rituals could be very unique attraction and rare chance for tourists visiting Nepal. Many more such Buddhist and Hindu rituals are on the pipe line in the months to come. Welcome  to visit Nepal and not miss such rare chances. For more details visit # Himaland website;  www.himaland.com