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UN Secretary-General Urgent Himalayan Climate Plea

 Climate change is also having a significant impact in the Himalayas, the world's highest mountain range. The region is experiencing rising temperatures, which are causing glaciers to melt faster. This rapid glacial melt is contributing to increased water runoff and potential flooding in some areas, while in others, it threatens to disrupt vital water sources that millions of people rely on for drinking water and agriculture.

Additionally, the changing climate is affecting the delicate ecosystems of the Himalayas, putting at risk the unique biodiversity and indigenous communities that call this region home. As a result, addressing climate change in the Himalayas is crucial to safeguarding not only its natural beauty but also the well-being and livelihoods of the people who depend on this iconic mountain range.
Nepali people highly appreciate UN Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Guterres's active campaign reaching himself to the base camps of Mt. Everest and Mt. Annapurna in the Himalaya. Thank you very much Mr. Secretary General  🙏