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Nepal CoronaVirus Situation Update

 Nepal Update -  CoronaVirus Crisis Situation:

We are still confined to homes continuously on the 56th day of LockDown. Obviously, life is getting tougher and getting more anxious as the Lockdown is extended to the 2nd June. From the last week, the gov. was trying to relax the LockDown measure a bit but, sudden increase of the infected cases almost tripling to 304 in total as of day, 18th May within a span of one week time prompted government  to tighten the LockDown measures more. Until now 36 patients are recovered and discharged from the different hospitals and 2 succumbed to death. Over 28,000 tests are made as of today, 16,366 people are quarantined and 320 suspected are kept in isolation as per the health ministry press release yesterday.  Most cases are in the Sothern bordering  towns with India with the people coming back from India. Among the infected cases, there are also some nurses from different hospitals and security personnel working in the front line.

People are nervous as movements/transportation are limited to only for essential services. The worries for most people are health concern, job, business and uncertain future. It is very hard for the poor people who were on menial jobs and daily wage earners. Because, they all lost job due to the LockDown situation. Their main worry is now hunger than corona virus. Life in most villages are less nervous as there is less effect from the LockDown and no immediate problem for foods as most are farmers. However, there will be shortage of food items in the days to come as transportation has come to stand still for the last two months.

The LockDown effect in big cities like Kathmandu has caused very clean air as road transport is very limited now. Views of green hills in Kathmandu outskirt and the Himalayan mountains on the background are wonderful.